Windows Vista


As I reported earlier in this post I have had 1 issue with WW and the path file access on a default install, that being that, after a reboot, it would not refresh my image because the image in [b]%Programs%\WeatherWatcher[/b] could were the default that were displayed. I am not sure how they were written there initially (I think it might have had to do with me copying files over under \ProgramData\WeatherWatcher manually, but after I deleted those files from [b]%Programs%\WeatherWatcher[/b] the wallpaper has been updating perfectly, and successively through 4 reboots now.

Again, I am not sure if this was a Windows fix or a fix on your end in WW, but for all intents and purposes, WW is fully Vista (Ultimate) compatible, including weather updating and wallpaper updating (and reverting on exit).

I also suspect that , if you don’t copy the files over like I did, and DON’T RUN WW AT THE END OF THE INSTALLATION PROCESS then all will be well, the reason being that the installer runs with admin privileges, and thus is able to, on that first run, write to [b]%Programs%\WeatherWatcher[/b] whereas subsequent runs of WW are not elevated and thus cannot write to [b]%Programs%\WeatherWatcher[/b].

I have another computer running Vista Home Premium on which I will test this theory here in a bit.

johngalt, thank you for the detailed information :thumbright:

The Windows Vista problems all seem to revolve around the new level of permissions – or lack of permissions. The next Weather Watcher release will store all working files in the user’s Windows profile directory. That should solve these problems.

Kewl. It seems that it is already doing that, but using the Virtual Store folder now instead of the users settings folder.

I am now playing around with Stardock’s Dreamscapes to see if there is a simple yet effective way to make a Dream folder for Vista’s Dreamscapes using the cached wallpapers. More on that later.

delete al wallpaper files in \weather whatcher\ directory.

see you.

to do what?