Window closing when opening


I am getting a wierd thing happening lately. When I double-click on the system tray icon, the window will open up and then close sometimes. It seems to happen if it is updating as I open the window. I am using the latest version, 6.00. It was doing it with the last beta but I was hoping it was fixed in the new version.

In the Tray Icon tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, what is selected in the Left-Single-Click Action and Left-Double-Click Action dropdown boxes?

Left-Single-Click Action = No Action
Left-Double-Click Action = Open Weather Watcher Live

I left them at the defaults.

I’m using the same settings too.

I tried reproducing this issue by doing the following:

1) Minimize Weather Watcher Live.

2) Choose “Retrieve Weather” from the Weather Watcher Live system tray menu.

3) Double-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon to display the main Weather Watcher Live window.

I ran through these steps many times – worked as expected. Can you list a set of steps that cause that to happen?

It doesn’t seem to happen all the time. It is sporadic. I have been playing with it for a little while now and it is working as expected. I will continue working with it to see if I can nail down a pattern of behavior that might be causing it.

Isn’t that how it usually goes? It starts working right the minute you report it. :wink: