Wind speed and direction reset

It appears that when the weather updates, the current wind speed and direction are shown for a brief moment and then they reset to 0. Do I have a setting wrong in options?

I’ve changed to several different weather stations and I’m getting the same effect.


When the weather is set to update in real-time (the default setting), the wind gauge displays updates from a separate data feed. When the entire current forecast is pulled down (usually about every 5 minutes), the wind gauge is also updated with that data. Right after that happens, the wind gauge data feed is downloaded and the gauge is updated again (if the data is different). It sounds like the data is different in both feeds (which is normal) and the wind gauge data feed is adjusting the control to load the most recent wind data.

In testing that I’ve done, the wind gauge doesn’t always reset to 0. I do see it change as you’re describing though.

I can recreate this issue on my system as well… and an odd solution that works for my situation …

XP Pro SP3
Windows Firewall ( ww.exe is listed in exclusions )
AVG 8 Free

Station Norman, OK ( Norman / Max Westheimer )

On the Conversions Option tab I initially had Farenheit - Both set as the option initially… After disabling the “both” option, my wind gauge ( after the refresh ) kept the value instead of switching to 0 after the refresh.

The results were not always consistant… but when the wind did display properly, it was also not displaying both F and C together in any of the temp locations. It seemed when my system did display both F and C that the issue with the wind speed would show itself.

PS… found some additional info…

After getting it to show the wind again with only F selected… click the Update and the wind then reverts back to 0 on the refresh/switch to the live feed.

I’ll check this out some more. It looks like there might be some conflicting data in the data feed.

I see that the weather station I have selected that resets to 0 is “nearly live”. For WWL, the closest station to my town is about 15 miles away, so I use good old Weather Watcher for conditions for my town from our airport since it gets its data from there. Our high school has a WeatherBug station, but it has be down for several months now.

Anyway, when I switch to a “live” station, the wind speed and direction work as expected.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know!


I have to also admit that I normally run the classic WW but I do like several of the newer options available in WWL… but I guess that is off topic…

I had also suspected that the info feed I would normally use ( ie the closest one that I’ve already posted above ) may be at fault… I had also added two others that are about 20 and 30 miles from my location. These also experienced the same or at least similar results.

Updated to v0.38… problem still persists but it wasn’t a suprise since I didn’t see this mentioned in the list of fixes. It now is slightly different in that my previous work-around no longer corrects the situation. While that may seem to be a negative, I think the code changed is cleaner since the behaviour is now consistant. That would just leave it to identifying and correcting for the conflicting data that Mike mentioned as a possible cause.

The same with Wind at 0.40!

The following Weather Watcher Live build should fix this issue:

The same with wind :sad:

Patatina, it’s possible that your weather station is not reporting the current wind speed.

I’ll confirm that the .44 update corrects the issue I was seeing using the weather station locations I have selected.