I am trying to understand the wind direction the arrow might point to N or NW but down in the layout section it will say ESE…this confuses me…
any help appreciated

I’ve never seen the arrow pointing toward N/NW and the wind reading showing ESE. Please do post a screenshot if you see that again.

The wind gauge arrow will always point in the opposite direction of the reading. If the wind reading is N, that means the wind is coming from the North. In that case, the wind gauge arrow will point toward the South. The wind gauge arrow always points in the direction the wind is blowing toward.

You can reverse the wind gauge arrow by 180 degrees in the Splendid Settings. Click “SETTINGS” in the bottom, right corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window to access the Splendid Settings.

the program is right i just didn’t understand that arrow was point at the direction the wind was blowing it …in other words i thought if it was point to the north that is where the wind was coming from…but the program is showing it is coming from the south blowing north…mercy…thanks for taking time and answering

This option is kind of interesting. I thought weather vanes always pointed into the wind (coming from). I wondered why WWL has it pointed in the direction it is blowing by default, and there was an option to change it.

Does the Advanced Option to show wind direction in degrees apply only to the Tooltip? That was the only place I saw it change.

In my opinion, WWL should have the arrow switched so that it matches that of WeatherBug. And “blowing from” should be the default. WB shows the wind direction as “blowing from” on the website. shows the wind as “From xxx at y mph”. And it looks like is showing ‘blowing from’ direction as well.

JMO :-s

Upacreek, degrees should be shown everywhere. I’ll check it out.

siliconman01, the arrow in Weather Watcher Live points in the same direction as WeatherBug. You can certainly use the setting to flip it if you’d rather see it point toward the direction the wind is blowing from.

I have found that the forecast slider at the bottom also changes to degrees, but if you look at the Hourly tab, for example, they do not.

Upacreek, I only noticed the hourly forecast too. It could just be an issue with the new Splendid2 skin. I didn’t check out the original Splendid skin yet.


I guess it is a matter of how one interprets pictures. I view it this way:

Another wind question-

In the Hourly window under Wind, does SSW mean the wind is blowing from the SSW or blowing toward the SSW?

siliconman01, it’s the direction the wind is blowing from.

Thanks much, Mike :thumbright:

Regarding your graphic, to me, the point of the arrow on the gauge should be like the point of the arrow on a weather vane, pointing into the wind, or at the direction the wind is blowing from.

Using the weather vane concept, yes, I can “see” the rationale. However, the weather websites do not seem to follow this concept.

I didn’t realize the websites showed wind differently until Mike informed me during a similar conversation on this subject. I then understood why it was being show by default in WWL as the direction the is blowing to, and glad Mike included the option to change it. What I’m curious about is why the difference on these websites? Why not stick with what I thought was the standard?

Upacreek, if I’m correct, the direction of the arrow is not the problem. Some people would like to see the arrow moved to the other side of the wind gauge.

I think it is fine the way it is now. A “standard” is what you make it.

Mike, not sure I follow that, “moved to the other side,” but no matter really. The option you provide allows us to customize it to our liking.

Upacreek, check out the wind gauge arrow at The arrow points toward the same direction as the arrow in Weather Watcher Live, but it’s on the other side of their wind gauge.