Wind conditions

From Cascais,Portugal
I’ve downloaded Weather Watcher 3 days ago and very happy with your presentation.
Although there is information about wind conditions either in the desktop “watch”(right top corner) and in the tray WIND CONDITIONS always show N/A.
Can I solve this situation ?

Weather Watcher reports the data as displayed at[/url]. Do you also see “N/A” at [url=] If so, then there is nothing I can do on my end.

Interesting. The WW Splendid Forecast windows all show Wind, direction and/or speed, but the Tooltip show N/A as does the window for this location!!!

Another error for you to account for Mike.

Thanks to Mike and Ed for your clarifications.
Cheking at window situation is the same as previously reported for Weathar Watcher: under tab “Today” wind speed and direction is shown N/A; under tab " Hour by Hour" wind direction and speed are shown. error (?)
Thanks anyway.

Definitely. Write to them and tell them the problem on their webpage. You may not hear back from them directly but they will look into fixing the problem.