Wind and Weather Circles (Compasses)

I have Weather Watcher on a laptop and the main weather screen has two
circles on the right side of the screen - showing a wind compass ie N;NE;E; and so forth. An arrow indicates the wind direction and at the center is the wind speed. The other circle is a STORM; RAIN; FAIR; DRY indicator.
I just installed Weather Watcher on another computer (both running XP) and the two circles are missing! There are just the wind speed figure and barometric pressure (I guess?)
Any suggestions?

It sounds like you might have Javascript disabled in Internet Explorer. Can you post a screenshot?

Wind Circles

Thanks for the quick reply!
The problem was solved by going to IE > Tools > Internet Options >General tab > Appearance >Accessibility and I unchecked the box for ‘Ignore colors specified on webpages’ I don’t understand it but now the wind and weather circles are visible!!
Thanks again