Why did this one disappear

Mike & others

I just bought a new pc running Windows Vista Business. On my old XP laptop (running the same version of WW), I could use the following link as a wallpaper:

http://radblast.weatherunderground.com/ … 1&severe=0

Now that I have installed WW 5.6.22 on the new vista laptop, that map no longer shows up in my list of available wall papers. I have tried both wallpaper format options (with and without active desktop) to no avail.

Is this a “bug”? or is this a Vista feature? i would appreciate any help. Other than that, WW works perfectly for me.

Thank you very much WW is an awesome weather product, and I recommend it to everyone I can.

msmith, I wasn’t able to add that map in either Vista or XP. It doesn’t have a valid extension, so it’s not going to appear in the Wallpaper tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

msmith can you show us this map’s entry in the WW MapHistory.ww file that you have on the old notebook? The file is a text file and can be opened with Notepad.

You can also copy that file to the new notebook to keep all your old maps.

Maybe this will work for you msmith.

http://icons.wunderground.com/data/640x … 3_anim.gif