What would make the Current screen blank?

I’ve installed WW5625 on an XP SP2 system and what I’m seeing is the Current window is mostly blank - some headings, no data, no thermometer or day/moon/hour strip; the Hourly window is okay, and on the Daily window, the data appears below the day labels, so it appears blank until you scroll down.

What could possibly cause such behavior? Clutching at straws, I uninstalled and reinstalled WW, then uninstalled and reinstalled IE7, with no change. Any advice welcome.

Check your AV and firewall logs for any hits on the 3 exes in the WW folder.

No hits there… using ZoneAlarm Suite, explicitly granted permissions to WW exe’s

Antispyware logs? JScripting in IE enabled?

Well, that’s a good question. As far as I can tell my security settings are all default… I compared them one-by-one with my main machine, that works fine…

Open the WW Current.html file in IE. Do you see any error msgs?

Well, I saw a privacy report with a list of cookies that were blocked. I tried setting “accept all cookies” and reloading, and got no privacy report and no other errors. The change in cookie policy didn’t change WW’s (mis)behavior…

Can you post a screen print of the forecast window?


IE scripting is not enabled.

Please say more (like, how to enable it :slight_smile:

In my Security Settings - Internet Zone I have Scripting - Active Scripting set to Enable. I think that’s the setting in question…

But there are other things on this darn machine that don’t work right (Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar specifically) so I wonder if there is some other way scripting could be disabled?

Enable it for the Local Internet zone. The forecast html files are on the hd not the 'net.

Sigh, it’s already enabled for all zones…

I don’t know what to tell you. IE scripting has been disabled, how I don’t know, but it’s a common security tweak so someone want’s security over functionality on their pc. Oh well…

Fixed! (And a good thing too - very little hair remains to be pulled out :slight_smile: Thank you for pointing me to scripting as the problem; it gave me the determination to keep digging.

The solution was to reinstall Windows Script, which I found I could download from here.

:shock: Wow!! There’s a solution I’ve never encountered before.

Congratulations on finding it. =D>


I am having the same problem as him and I installed windows script 5.6 but I still have the problem.

EDIT: How do I set WW for trusted zone?

I had the exact same screen. Not sure when it happened as I usually check from toolbar. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I can’t track exactly what program-software might have been the culprit as I’m always testing new software. I have recently installed and ran bitdefender and kaspersky security suites and both were a bear to uninstall totally. My guess is some .dll file/s were deleted with antivirus/malware deletion or software uninstall.

My guess is either the solution posted above or the one posted here http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=2000&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=29 will correct the problem. :icon_smile:

But I could be wrong, simply reenabling IE scripting might be the solution.