What does "Update in realtime" mean?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don’t understand what this means.

That’s a reference to the WeatherBug weather stations. They collect weather data nearly every second of the day.

If you’re viewing the weather from a weather station that is outside of the US, then the data is not in realtime. That’ll change as international WeatherBug weather stations are deployed and personal weather station data is fed into Weather Watcher Live.

I’m in the US. What does “realtime” mean? That WWL maintains a constant connection and updates data every second, as you say?

No, you’re not getting updated data every second. While that would be possible, it would put a huge hit on your CPU. Most of the weather data does not change every second of the day, so that really would not be necessary anyhow.

When viewing the data in realtime, Weather Watcher Live is displaying the most recent data from the weather station. If you’re connected to an NWS weather station, then you won’t get realtime updates – even if Weather Watcher Live is set to update in realtime. Only the WeatherBug weather stations are recording the data in realtime.

Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.

Off-topic blathering follows.

I’ll stick with my local NWS station. I have two stations that are almost the same distance from me (as the crow flies). One is a WeatherBug station and the other an NWS station. The WeatherBug station is reporting a current temp of 74F. That didn’t feel right at all to me, so I checked the NWS station. It reports 79F. Quite a difference. I put my own thermometer outside and it climbed to 83F before I brought it back inside.

Each station is probably less than 2 miles from me (again, in straight-line distance), so a 9F or greater temp discrepancy seems pretty bad to me.