What are all the CONDITIONS in weather.txt file ?

I’ve been searching without success to find what are all of the various conditions that can be listed in the weather.txt file. Example: Condition: clear.
I’m asking because I have a little program that announces the time, temperature, etc which is obvious, but I don’t know what are all the types of weather conditions that might be found in that file.

I don’t have a list of all possible conditions. And they can change based on the source of the weather data (Earth Networks, NWS, Weather Underground).

You could manually put together a list of the most common conditions by looking through the data in the Monthly Observations.

Thanks for your reply. That is what I have been doing until now… observing what is in the file and making a manual note. I just thought there might be a list somewhere. :slight_smile: And to satisfy your curiosity as to why I was asking. I took a couple of hours to write a small program that takes information from the file and announces it on my home FM radio at hourly intervals for the person in our family that can’t see.

Oh yes and I love WWL. Works beautifully.