Weatherwatcher Live 7.1.94 has a display problem

The new release has a problem displaying everything in the ‘Now’ tab under 1024x768 resolution. You changed a lot of things in the ‘Now’ tab namely the stuff showing below the display map. I can see the following bar graphs below the radar map.

Temperature and Precipitation but the Humidex is cut off at the bottom. I can resize the window past or below the task bar and shove the window past the top part of the screen but it doesn’t look right.

See image below:

I don’t like what you did with the ‘Now’ tab. Too much information, IMO and kind of sloppy looking.


It’s sloppy looking because it’s not displaying correctly. What is your screen resolution set to … 800 x 600?

In my original post, I already had said the resolution is set at 1024x768 pixels. I can’t set the resolution any higher because my eyesight isn’t that good and it would make fonts and everything else too small for me to read.

I think a proper fix to show all that stuff below the display map is to make the fonts smaller, for one. and cut the height of each horizontal bar graph in half. I don’t know, you’ll have to play with the coding for this and test it in the 1024x768 pixel resolution mode on your computer to get it right. I wish you had left it the way it was in version 7.1.92 As of now, I’m reverting back to that version because this one doesn’t work for me.

Sorry, I missed that part. Yes, I know, change is horrible :slight_smile:

It’s just a new skin. In the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, set the “Interface” drop down to “Splendid3” to switch back to the previous look.

Oh. Okay that worked. I made that skin change and I’m back to the original display which works for me. Thanks Mike. Now I can stick with this new release but you might need to fix Splendid4 skin for those that use 1024x768 resolution and like that new changes you made in the ‘Now’ tab.

Yep. I’m on it.

And if you use a netbook, like I do, 1366x768 is the max you get regardless of eyesight.

RobertD_CT, please try installing this build over top of your existing version of Weather Watcher Live:

Something else you might consider Mike, the graphs under the map show the temps simply from low to high, showing them in time sequence would be more useful and would better relate to the graph shown under Evening on the left. And would also relate to whether the temps are rising or falling.

So in the RobertD_CT image shown you would have: 84-71, 70-59, 61-73, 75-79

Something to think about. :wink:

Ed_P, I did consider that when I was developing that feature. The reason it’s not like that is because you could run into sequences like this:

45, 47, 48, 47, 45

:-k I assume they represent a range of temps for a time period, yes the temp did change but not significantly. I guess it depends on the definition of the numbers. Lo-Hi or Beginning-Ending.

Maybe … Evening: Beginning-Ending, Tonight: Lo-Hi, Morning: Beginning-Ending, Afternoon: Beginning-Ending :shock: :lol:

As always, you could make it a user selectable option. :wink:

Ed_P , I think an option would be best. For right now though, there’s only the Mike option :icon_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday to install 7.1.95 but I got another update notice that said 7.1.96 was available so I downloaded that and installed it. Everything is fine, concerning the splendid4 skin. The only problem I just noticed is, all the skins, splendid2, 3 and 4 are showing white maps. I’ve refreshed weather, shut down and restarted WWL, rebooted and still I’m showing white maps…

See image below…

Update: It seemed to resolve itself, for some reason, and all looks good.

Thanks for the fix Mike. :thumbright: