Weatherbug and my Hometown

For some strange reason, my city (Suffolk, VA…Nansemond River High School, zipcode 23434), shows all data at first then most of it disappears. The same thing happens in the WeatherBug program, so it’s an issue with WeatherBug. I have tried e-mailing them in the past, but no reply.

Can you contact WeatherBug for me, Mike?

If you don’t get any results, can you add the NWS station at the Suffolk Airport (KSFQ), which updates every 20 miniutes?



There appears to be two problems:

1) The data from the Nansemond River High School weather station is most likely unavailable:

2) The Suffolk Airport weather station is not appearing in the station search results, even though WeatherBug does have the data for that station.

I will contact WeatherBug and get back to you. Stay tuned :icon_smile:

The high school’s station is back up and working…thanks Mike. The airport still does not appear in the menu.

Also there are no stations in Iraq…I would love to find out the weather that our troops have to face. Baghdad International Airport is used by the original Weather Watcher.


I talked to WeatherBug about this issue on June 6th. All non-WeatherBug stations were being filtered out – long story. They made a change that was supposed to resolve that issue, but it looks like it didn’t work. I’ll follow up.

Yep – nothing available in Iraq. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to add stations.

Please tell Weatherbug that the rain amount says “N/A” instead of “0.00”. This is for Nansemond River High School in Suffolk, VA

Also maybe WeatherBug can include Baghdad if you ask Weatherbug.


Here is their contact information:

dlbryant, you should be able to see all of the NWS stations now.

I’d like to find out where that map came from, as I’d like to see via a map whether there are weather stations closer to me than the airport.

As yet, I haven’t found out how to get to stations on WeatherBug other than inserting my city name in the search field. When I go to any country, the list it displays is empty.

BTW Mike, congratulations on introducing WWL. Well done!

The map I posted above came from After searching for a city on their website and viewing the data for the selected weather station, you’ll see a “Change Tracking Station” link right above the current conditions. Click that link to view the surrounding weather stations.

If you have Weather Watcher Live installed, you can easily look up the surrounding weather stations by searching for a city in the “Stations” tab of the Weather Watcher Live window. I don’t know of any way of displaying a map that has all available weather stations. You have to start by entering a city and then viewing the stations closest to that city.

Sigh! Always that one further step that I didn’t take. Thanks, Mike.

As it happens, the next nearest is 100 miles away.

Yes, there are not as many weather stations available outside of the US. I know WeatherBug is working to add more weather stations – not sure when that will happen though.

I’m working with WeatherBug to include Personal Weather Station (PWS) data into their data feed. Once the PWS data has been added, you’ll start to see more weather stations pop up as those who own PWS’s start submitting their data to