weather watcher window

hi everybody,
i have a question about weather watcher window,when u select current u will get current conditions which include barometer in inches.
the quetion is what is it meaning and the colored par how to understand it?
now i have a blue color from storm through rain up to fair,and the rest is to understand it.

Note: You can view the pressure direction by mousing over the colored bars in the barometer gauge.

Hi Mike,

I am new to WW, and I just installed last night (version 5.6.23) and I like it. Some minor confusions about the baromoter dial, as I am not too used to weather technical jargons:

(1) How do we gauge/refer the bar from? Does it move clockwise or anti-clockwise? Say, if it moves toward “fair”, do we see it from the color bar perspective (green/blue/red) or from white bar perspective? Which one is considered as the active bar?

(2) You mentioned that the bar represents “Direction the pressure is moving”. Does it have anything to do with wind direction as noted in the dial above it? I mean, if the color bar stops at “Fair” which is located at the NE corner of the dial, does that mean that the pressure is moving toward NE direction? I initially thought that the color coding refers to the rate of the pressure (i.e., rising, steady and falling), instead of direction. How does the direction notion fit with the term ‘rising, steady and falling’?

(3) In your explanation drawing, you wrote “Current pressure level” and encircled the blue bar at the NE corner of the dial, rather than the number “30.16” in the center of the dial. What does it mean? How do we read the current pressure level on the bar that you encircled?

Thank you very much for your explanation.

Welcome to reality weather. Nobody understands a barometer. :iconbiggrin:


Thanks EdP… It has been decades since I saw/read/use barometer at school during physics course. I used to live in the tropics, where weather is not a hot topics (unless you have a tropical storm, typhoon, or tsunami). Everyday and every year is pretty much the same. The sun rises and sets at pretty much the same time everyday, UV index more or less stays the same (high) throughout the year… Same clothing throughout the year. Boring topic for conversation, eh?. In fact we rarely talk about it. As there are only 2 seasons there: dry season and wet season! :razz: (oh, one more… flood season! :wink: …)

Now here in the northern hemisphere, with 4 seasons there are more variety to daily life. People are so fascinated with weather… It’s the main conversation topic…

Thanks for the link, anyway.

Yup. People refer to the temperature, when it’s freezing cold, mild or hot, the wind, the amount of snow, the amount of rain, comparisons to prior years, etc. But it’s rare to hear someone say, “yup, its 30.23 on the barometer, eh”. :lol:

Although, I believe that barometer has a lot of affect on some sinus afflictions and arthritis…