weather watcher stopped working

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This is my first time on any forum. Weather watcher stopped working it just doesn?t update anymore; re-installing did not fix the problem. At the same time IE 6 stopped working along with Crazy Browser and SlimBrowser. My default browser Maxthon is working fine, FireFox is working ok and all my other browsers are working K-Meleon, Flock, Avant, Opera are all working ok. Whatever broke IE 6 also broke WW; I don’t know if this is a common occurrence, I am hoping someone will know this. I can live with not using IE, I hardly ever use it but I really like WW. My operating system is Windows XP Pro. My firewall ZoneAlarm Pro is set up ok and I have no viruses

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Well, Weather Watcher uses IE to display the weather data so if IE is impacted that is the cause of the Weather Watcher problems you’re experiencing.

Maxthon to the best of my knowledge uses IE also so if it is working I don’t understand why IE isn’t. Firefox and Opera are independent of IE and if they work that indicates the problem isn’t a network problem.

Check ZoneAlarm’s Program Control tab and make sure IExplorer hasn’t gotten restricted. Another area to check would be IE’s security settings.

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nisk, What version of WW are you using ?