Weather Watcher Options

I have just started using WW so I hope this is not a silly question, I can’t find anything similar using the search, hence the question.

Right clicking on the icon gives me a menu one of the choices being “Options”, but selecting this does nothing! Likewise on the main window I have a button “Options” and clicking on this does nothing.

I set up the options when it first ran to what I thought seemed reasonable, but I would like to change at least one thing, remove the decimal on the icon. At the moment instead of “26.1” I only see “6.1” and would prefer to see “26”.

One of the things that I saw when I happened to come across this program on the Internet was someone else saying the same thing, but I can’t find it again! If I remember correctly he said that he found the options by right clicking, as I have, but nothing happens.

Anyone know?

It sounds like the Options window is opening outside of the viewable desktop area. Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

Thanks for the fast reply, but it appears to have fixed itself!

On doing a further check I found that the program was using 90+% of the CPU time. After rebooting the computer it started up again and this time it showing 0% most of the time. Also the options have started working!

I assume that there was a hang up causing the program to go into an endless loop trying to find the options and thereby causing both problems.

I have now corrected the icon problem by simply selected a smaller font and “26.7” now fits (a bit small but it’s all there).

Thanks again.

I had the same problem and fixed it the same way, by restarting the computer.

Saw the title of this thread and thought it might have been the same problem I was experiencing earlier. Updated to the latest version, and any time I’d go into “Options”, the “Options” window would keep appearing over and over until I closed the program. If I didn’t stop the program, I might have wound up with eleventy billion “Option” windows on my desktop!

Cured the problem by completely uninstalling and re-installing Weather Watcher. Works like a charm again now. Still the best weather program out there!