weather watcher bug reports 2

1.) options grey out
2.) weather wallpaper don’t load at all on desktop, it did load before but now after The weather watcher update it no longer loads at all.
i fix it by changing the setting to auto-update wallpaper now for 1hr time frame. the wallpaper option in the small icon near clock is not greyout anymore.

get the other item not tobe grey out still need to find how to get them as will


Windows Xp Home SP3

[no polling click-on it by chance]

The options that are not available are grayed out.

Your wallpaper is not currently set to auto update, so you cannot update it from the Weather Watcher system tray menu either. If you set an update interval (see below), then the “Refresh Wallpaper” menu item will be available.

The “View Severe Alerts” menu item is grayed out because their are no severe alerts available for your location.

From your second screenshot, I can see that you have the wallpaper auto update interval set to “Never auto update”. If you change that dropdown to a time interval, the wallpaper will auto update at that selected interval.

there is the other two items greyout
*Print Preview

Only available when there is something for WW to print, ie a WW forecast window is open.