Weather Watcher 7

I logged in for the first time since 2004!! Just wanted to say that I’m stoked about WW7 – Weather Underground has a station literally 2 blocks from my house!! :cheers:

Yeah, and you have no idea who’s running the weather monitoring equipment or how reliable its info is…

whatever, it’s certainly nice having the option to connect to personal weather stations though.

You can view a history of weather data for any weather station at If you look through the history, you could compare it to other nearby weather stations that are known to have accurate data. That should help prove the reliability of the personal weather station.

When will the Weather Underground stations be available in WWL 7.0.4?

Steve, they won’t be available in 7.0.4 since that data is disabled in that build. That data will be available in the next version 7 build. I’m still working with Weather Underground to iron out a few small issues, but I think the build will be ready this week.

That’s good news!