Weather watcher 6 beta

I have been a long time weather bug user, untill they just got to crowded with ads. But the thing with weather 6 I couldnt get it to work with windows Vista. I also see that it opens browsers for radar? I want it to be dialup friendly. I like 5 a lot better. Its smoother. 6 needs to be worked on.

jras20, thank you for your feedback. I’d like to hear your suggestions if you would like to go into more depth regarding the areas that need to be “smoother”.

I tried out 6, but it kept on giving me java script errors, I dont know what that was about. I’m using 5 now, I like how 5 is setup better, its easier to use. Plus the radar maps are quick to load. That was the thing I hated about the weatherbug, it took over 3-5 minuets maybe longer to load radar.

jras20, which version of Internet Explorer do you have installed? If you still have Weather Watcher Live installed, it would be helpful if you could post screenshots of the JavaScript errors.

The same maps are available in Weather Watcher Live. The extra maps at the top of the map list are just the WeatherBug maps for your current weather station. Adding a new map to that list just takes a few clicks:

I just re installed version 6 and no script errors this time. I am using IE7 with windows Vista on my laptop. On my main PC I have IE7 with XP, but I still have weather watcher 5 on it I didnt get a chance to update it yet. I’ll look for the older maps.


Daily weather shows 1st May as Friday, should be Thursday.

biggles150, I’m working on that issue.

Weather watcher 6 is working good for me now. Just as long as it doesnt use maps that take forever to load (I mostly use radar maps) then I’m ok with it. On dialup when I’m on it, in some cases I didnt even wait for the radar map to load on the weatherbug. It just took way to long.