Weather Watch 5.6.26

I updated to Weather Watch 5.6.26 and all was working fine for a day or so then it just seemed to stick at wedensday evening even though It still trys to download info every 20mins like I have set it for.
I think there sems to be a bug in the new Weather Watch 5.6.26.


It seems to be working again this morning.


BTW - this is the support forum for Weather Watcher Live - WW is now the second section not the first…

2 different programs.

There is a new version of weather watcher out. 5.6.27

According to the header title, this is for Weather Watcher, not WW Live. I have had WW since computers were invented and it has always worked excellently. But, alway’s a but, from the beginning I haven’t been able to get it to start minimized. Before you ask, yes I have checked the box. After checking the box and closing the window, I can go back to see if it remained checked and it never is. Anyone have a suggestion on how to resolve this problem? I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

Mike probably moved it to the correct forum.

After checking the box do you click on the Apply button at the bottom of the Options window?

Is this a problem for you in Weather Watcher 5.6.28?