Weather Wallpaper adjustment

I’d like to see the wallpaper reflect the Windows taskbar. I have the taskbar to be visible permanently, but the wallpaper image, even when not stretched, fills the whole “screen” and so the date/time-stamps can’t be seen without moving the taskbar. This should be corrected or at least added as an option. Thanks.

Hi Clamenza,

The Tile/Center/Stretch feature of wallpaper in Windows is a Windows function that WeatherWatcher simply invokes. While the wallpaper could be adjusted as you suggest, that would require that WW have graphic-manipulation code added to it. That could make it quite a bit larger as a program.

I’ve also asked that the centered version be offset to the right so that the desktop icons, typically on the left, do not hide the image. This too would require a whole new section of code that is not presently used in WW.

You probably know that it is possible to set to the taskbar to Autohide.

Hmmm, one thought might be to have WW display the wallpaper observation time as part of the WW tooltips – if supplies that information.

– PatrickB

I agree with clamenza and wanted to add a little more to it. Not only do I have the taskbar always showing, I also have WinAmp docked at the top of my screen and Trillian docked on the right. Fortunately, I’m only concerned with what’s in the middle of the map so I have no problem seeing it. But it would be nice to have the timestamp visible at all times without hiding the taskbar.

I understand that doing something like this would require some additional graphics libraries and code to be added to the program but I think it would be worth it in the long run. This may or may not be an option but there are several free graphics libraries out there that can do some pretty impressive stuff. For my problem I would envision a wallpaper that is stretched to fill only the visible area of my desktop. Or if that’s not determinable, at least give me the option to specific a size and location. Other options could inlucde overlaying some of the current data onto the wallpaper giving you a much more informative image.