weather stations/links not working

Both “de Bilt” (Dutch national weather center) and Soesterberg (military base)… it seems very unlikely that the stations are actually both broken (the links don’t work since at least friday), so there is probably something wrong with WW itself.
could you look into it? thanks.

used version: 6.09
search for “Utrecht” and you will find both stations very quickly

WeatherBug (the data source) is showing the same thing, so it seems Weather Watcher Live is displaying the data correctly.

:cry: i dont seem to be able to use my local weather station i live in leeds united kingdom but it says its not available can you help please

rockgod, it looks like the Leeds and Bradford station is available right now. Are you still not able to retrieve weather from it? If so, what happens when you attempt to do so?

it does seem to be working i did send you a pm to say that i had made 2 posts by mistake and that it was back working when put the Leeds and Bradford station in a message came up saying that it was unavailable and it would use the nearest which was manchester airport