Weather Stations in Weather Watcher Live

I have just been trying Weather Watcher Live and really Like the look. I use Bristol,United Kingdom(Lulsgate) as my active station.This being nearest to my home Weston-Super-Mare.

In Weather Watcher my active city can be chosen as Weston-Super-mare. Does this data come from the same source Weather Bug as in WWlive or is it more accurate as it shows my actual home?,

Sorry if this sounds a silly question. I have tried your F.A.Q. first.

Great products Mike. =D>

Weather Watcher uses data from

The closest weather station would probably be the most accurate – as long as it’s being updated frequently. When you search for cities in Weather Watcher Live, you can see their exact location on the map. does not make the latitude and longitude available, so it’s hard to tell where their weather stations are located.

I will monitor both programs for a while and see how they compare. The station used by Weather Watcher Live is about 15 miles inland. Weston-super-mare is on the coast, so actual conditions between the 2 sites vary considerably. So long as I know fine, I can cope with that. I will monitor for several weeks and see. Thanks for your help.