Weather station changing to another state randomly

WWL will sometimes randomly change the station to another city/state location when the local station cannot be shown. I just checked it and I have 2 stations for my area set (Des Moines, IA - (Des Moines International Airport)) and it was set to some place in PA for some odd reason. This is the second time it has happened, that I know of, anyway. The last time was another state also but I can’t remember what it was as I thought it might just be a fluke or something at the time. I am using version 7.0.92 if that helps at all.

If you’re using a WeatherBug weather station, they automatically switch to the next available weather station when your selected weather station is not available. The alternate weather station should be nearby.

It would be helpful if you would let me know when this happens again. That way I’ll hopefully be able to reproduce the same thing on my computer.

It usually does switch to the Waukee station, which is nearby, but it started switching to an out-of-state one just recently. But then, I don’t always look at anything other than the tray icon itself so it might be happening more often than I actually catch it. It never did it before the latest update, that I can remember. I will keep an eye on it, though.

That was probably just a coincidence because the switching happens within WeatherBug’s weather data feed. I ask it to send me the weather for your selected weather station, and it returns the weather for the next closest weather station. I know they’ve been making some changes to their data feed lately, so it’s quite possible that something was broken – or something might have just been temporarily broken.