Weather history

There are many ways to find the current weather conditions and even forecasts but there are few that show the weather’s recent history. Would it be possible to add that to WW? 3 day forecast, current conditions, 3 days prior weather.

Does provide such data? Does any other site provide it? Could WW create it’s own history file? [?]


i know on they have a link to yesterdays weather… but it’s just for the previous day… not the previous 3 days… don’t know if that’s something that can be included or not

EdP, does not provide this information in their data feed. I do plan on adding such a feature in a future release though.

When? I don’t know. I have a lot of other things to take care of first.

[:0]’s Yesterday page has the option of showing the daily actuals for the prior 7 days!!! [:)]

A shortcut history approach for WW might be to provide a link to the Yesterday page. [;)]

Thanks for the suggestion ewelin.


Hi Ed,

<poof!> Your wish is granted. Put that 7-day url from your post in as a link to a map in the Map Manager. WW will invoke it and it automatically comes up in another window. I don’t know if this is a feature or a bug, but it works fine for now.

– Patrick

You could also put a url into WW’s Map Manager for the National Weather Service 2-day history for your area. EdP, yours is:

For others in the USA, you can:
o Go to
o Insert your zipcode near the top left corner to get to the home page for your area
o Click on the “2 Day History” link in the middle of the right side
o Open WW’s Map Manager and insert the URL you just got as a “Map URL”

Again, this may be a feature or a bug, but it sure works right now.

– PatrickB

ohhhh good ideas both PatrickB. [:)]


I implemented the 1st idea and while it does work it doesn’t show up in the Map History after being viewed. Not sure why.


Hi EdP,

Hmmm, on one machine that I have 5.5c installed, I used Map Manager to add a “map” to Once I viewed it thru the maps, it immediately showed up in my temp icon’s Map History. I have not yet tried it on 5.6 Beta.

I’ll leave this for you to try, but you might open up the
C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\MapsHistory.ww file and put in the link manually using the same format as the other links there.

– PatrickB

Another disadvantage, popups aren’t blocked using this approach. Better to just bookmark the URL and access it via my browser. [:)]