Weather Conditions

I have noticed that the weather condtions are a bit off at times.

I am using a weather site about 5 miles away from my location and at 630PM (after an update, set @ 5 minutes), it says it is Sunny! (it gets dark at 5’ish).

I checked the Weatherbug website and could find no reference as to where the information for conditions was coming from (it wasn’t displayed on their website).

There are other instances too where the conditions don’t seem right… any idea?
(or is there somewhere else other than Weatherbug we can use that might be consistent with the conditions?)…

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

2) Which weather station are you using?

Weather Station: … stat=SMVWD

Version: 6123 (computer 1), 6126 (computer 2).

I don’t pay too close of attention to computer 2 and the observation was made on computer 1 which I plan to update to newest version, but still, for it to say it is sunny 1 hour after sunset is odd. It also said it was foggy and looking out the window it was clear?

I am using this program mainly for the weather alerts, but also have to make weather observations in a report every 6 hours so having all info in one place is convenient.

Also, I live in California and we are prone to earthquakes.
This is the most important alert for me as it has great bearing on my industry!
(if there is a magnitude 5.0 within a 100 mile radius, we have to alter our service until an inspection can be made, a timely alert is most important!).

This morning we had a 4.4 magnitude earthquake about 80 miles to the South (in Mexico) and there was no alert in WWL. After seeing the report on the news this morning, I checked
this site: and could see where it was and
the magnitude.

I looked at the map provided in WWL at … 20x486.jpg , refreshed it several times, and there was no mention of the earthquake (the map was dated 01/31/10).

Would it be possible to scrape a more reliable source such as, or possibly something that is updated more frequently?

[EDIT] I just realized that I can add my own customized map urls!
Now, if we can just get the alerts soon after the event, that would be fantastic!

I was unable to select the Vallecitos Water District weather station. The closest I could find was Paloma ES. Which of the two are you currently using?

Weather Watcher Live only displays NWS alerts. Perhaps NWS didn’t issue an alert. You should also verify that you have the earthquake items checked in the “Severe Alerts” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

It would be possible to scrape any website. Scraping websites is not very efficient though. It would be best to find a source that offered a free downloadable data feed.

The Vallecitos site was down most of day and defaulted back to Paloma ES which is what we used for the day, or until the other site was back online. Using Paloma ES, I checked WWL last night at 6:20PM and it showed it as being Sunny. Clear would have been a better choice.

I do have the earthquake options checked in severe alerts but don’t think the NWS has much info on earthquakes (at least not that I could find). The USGS has much better coverage of
earthquakes. It looks like they have RSS feeds but I don’t know what is needed, or what triggers WWL’s alerts.

Thanks for your help!