changed their flash maps updated their animated flash maps and even added new ones.
Now the flash maps in WW don’t work correctly and the bottom part of the map containing switching options from radar to clouds has disappeared… :sad:
Mike, could you please fix that and add new flash maps like temperature, dew point etc.?

I have US (East) [TWC] Current Dew Points maps and etc in my map categories. What version of WW are you running?

For the new TWC maps have you tried editing their URLs and changing their “&viewPortWidth=900&viewPortHeight=600” values??

I’m talking about flash maps like this one (check Weather Layers tab)
I have the latest unofficial version 5.6.25l.

The link WW currently uses: and the map is not shown correctly though it was yesterday.

Ok, I’m with you now rhp.

It does appear that has changed their Shockwave app. The extra options are indeed gone even if you use viewPortHeight=480.

You can manually create the different layer views by adding URLs with the initialWeatherLayerType set to radar, ussat, satrad, temp, dewpoint, windspeed, rain or sat.

Or create a mini html page that allows one to view the map and select the various layer options. Should be fairly straight forward coding. :-k

Or we can wait and see what does.


Yes, I could do that, thanks for the info :icon_smile:
But the problem is when the map loads it doesn’t have city names on it; in order to turn them on I have to click Road button and then Satellite button… :???: I don’t think that is how it is supposed to work…

If I just click on Satellite I get the cities to show on your link.

BTW Should you develop a little webpage to add the layer controls to the maps please post it. :icon_smile:

Whatever :iconbiggrin:
The point is they are not on the map when it loads as they used to be…

Hey redhotpaprika have you checked the animated weather maps links recently? The image controls on the bottom are back.


Finally! :D/
Thanks a lot, EdP, if you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have noticed because I lost hope and was keeping the map window exactly the size of the map itself and the revived controls were hidden beneath it.

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