Way to call an external executable on wallpaper update


WW working perfectly. However, I have a request of sorts (if implementable):

I use Sysinternal’s BGInfo to display system info neatly on my machine, but the way it displays the info is a bit tricky - I am not sure of the mechanics 100% but my understanding is that it basically creates an overlay over the current desktop wallpaper and displays it - which is great, until WW updates the wallpaper, because then the BGInfo overlay disappears (and thus I have to re-run it).

Would it be possible to create some sort of way to run an external executable upon wallpaper update so that I can have BGInfo automatically re-run upon wallpaper update in WW? If so, that would be great - then the apps could work together hand in hand and all would be well.

I realize that this may not be achievable, and even if it is, being that I am the only one asking for it, it may not be feasible for you to develop - so no worries if you can’t. I was just curious if such an animal could be added to WW.

johngalt, I do have an idea on paper for a function that will allow you to launch external EXE’s when certain events occur in Weather Watcher. I think a feature like this will allow users to do a lot of unique things with Weather Watcher – as well as give other developers a way to interact with Weather Watcher.

Sweet. I look forward to testing this puppy out.

If I can figure out the ‘dynamics’ of DreamScene development using StarDock’s DeskScapes, then that would be an added method I could use as well. Glad you are already thinking about it. Even if it does not pan out, it’ll be interesting to see if it can be done easily and simply.

Of course, you realize now that I am thinking about 2 apps instead of one you’ll need either a multiple loader, or else a way to load scripts / batch files…hmmm, actually, that might be the better way to go, allowing for scripts and batch files as well as executables for those that are ‘code’ challenged…

Lol, in case you can’t tell, you’ve got me more excited than a 6 year old on Christmas morning…