Wather Watcher vs. weather watcher live


I have both weather watcher and weather watcher live installed. The temperature readings are always 3 - 5 degrees different between the 2. I realize that weatherbug has stations around my area. Never been a real fan of weatherbug and after tying it a few years back, I found your weather watcher and really liked it. Where does weather watcher pull its data from? It seems to be different places. Is there any way to pull the same data in both programs?



Weather Watcher Live pulls data from WeatherBug or NWS weather stations. I don’t know which station you’re using, so I’m not sure which is the case for you.

When you add stations in Weather Watcher Live, you can use the Google mashup to zoom in and see exactly where the weather station is located. That map places the weather stations at the coordinates reported by the weather station owner.