Wallpaper won't refresh, automatc or manually.

My wallpaper won’t refresh, either by itself or manually through the popup “Refresh Wallpaper.”
My version is 7.2.79. I recently redownloaded but the same thing happens. It also happens on my
computer at my office.
Please advise.

The Weather Channel recently discontinued some of their maps and/or released a new version of them. Unfortunately, the changes they made/make are out of my control since they own their weather maps.

In the current version of Weather Watcher (7.2.79), you will find the new Weather Channel maps in the map list too. You could switch to the new version (if the map was replaced) or try a map from a different weather provider in the map list.

Another option would be to locate an alternate map image elsewhere on the Internet and add it to the Map Manager in Weather Watcher. If interested, you can learn more about that option at the following link: