Wallpaper list is cut off


I just upgraded to v5.4b and was checking out the new (for me) wallpaper options. For some reason, the list of available wallpapers I see under Wallpaper -> Wallpaper Image only shows the beginning part of the URL of the various wallpapers, and even that is cut off. I can only see “http://image.weather.com/images/sa” before they are cut off, and most of them say the same thing.

Is there a way to see what these URLs are other than by trying each one? That is, can it show the name of the image (“Current Weather”), or at least the full URL? Am I doing something wrong (I didn’t see any other posts with this problem)? Thanks in advance!

The maps should be listed by category, title. Try using unique titles when naming your maps.

Same problem here. Can’t see categories or titles. I’ve not titled any maps. What is there is there from the install. Running ME on this workstation.

When you installed the new version of Weather Watcher, did you use the update install? If so, try reinstalling using the full install. Here is a link:


I uninstalled everything, and installed the full install and that seems to work for me. Thanks!

I think the problem is caused by the wallpaper list that was distributed with Weather Watcher a few versions back. The format totally changed since then.