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Have been using WW for about a month now and have just upgraded to 5.6 beta 2. The program is great. One request is to add a 600 mile doppler radar image as a wallpaper image to allow more local detail. The 1800 mile image is a little too wide a viewing area.

Thansk again for a great program!!! [:)]

Does Weather.com offer a 600 mile Doppler radar image for your area?


You can add new maps by using the Weather Watcher Map Manager (at the top of the map popup list).

Hi Bubbao,
  1. Open Weather Watcher’s</font id=“navy”> main window by single-clicking the temperature icon.

  2. Click on the next to bottom icon (the globe with a finger pointing to a spot)

  3. Select Map Manager near the top

  4. Click on Add Map, then fill out the fields by typing in the text of your choice, or by using the drop down boxes.

  5. To get the url of a weather map you can see in your web browser, you can right-click the map, choose Properties, then copy the Address:URL from there.

A) In your web browser, go to http://www.weather.gov/
B) Enter your zip code near the top left corner of the page and press the Enter key.
C) View your area’s weather page. Scroll down until you see the small radar map.
D) Right-click the map and choose “Copy Shortcut”
E) Go back to the Weather Watcher Map Manager</font id=“navy”> by clicking on the temperature icon, and right-click the url field and choose Paste to put that shortcut in there.
F) Click on Save and the map is now in your list.

This could also be used to keep frequently used road maps or other graphics handy. Once you have viewed a map, it will appear in the temperature icon’s list of Map History. I even placed a url of a local JPG file and it worked (C:\myphoto.jpg) – as well as a folder name (C:\My Documents) and it opened the folder for me. The url convention of using “file:///” in front of a folder or file name on your hard drive also works (file:///C:/Windows/Beach_04.bmp). Of course, you may consider these bugs or features and may not work that way in a future release.)

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Thanks guys for the suggestions. I will try them now. Sorry for taking so long to respond…I have been AWOL lately.

[:)]I now have a 600 mile doppler radar map as my wallpaper! [:D]

It was so easy to do thanks to your instructions PatrickB [;)]

This shows a better close-up of my area.

Again, thanks for a great program and everybody’s help.