Wall paper not updating

I have Weather watcher live 0.0.38 installed and noticed the wallpaper stayed the same even though it was set to update every 20 minutes and even when I pushed the update wallpaper button nothing changed
I still have version 5-6-25 and loading this immediatly updates a much newer correct map so i need both versions open.


Try reinstalling WWL.

Not updating weather map

I am having the same problem since yesterday morning, I checked for up dates - none, I reinstalled it - its still the same, so I upgraded to the beta 6 this evening, and its still not updating, I seem to remember having this problem about 6 months ago, but cannot remember what the cure was. :sad: Any ideas?

Try a different weather station - it could be that the one you have subscribed to may be down? Did you verify at weatherbug.com that the same station you’re using is actually live? Do you run a firewall / Anti Virus suite that may have updated at some point and may be blocking the WWL download apps?

When the wallpaper image is updated, you should see an updated “Wallpaper.*” image in the following location:

Windows Vista:
C:\Users[i][Windows Username][/i]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings[i][Windows Username][/i]\Application Data\WeatherWatcherLive

If the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher Live program folder” box is checked in the “General” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, then the “Wallpaper.*” file will be stored in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live

Do you see the “Wallpaper.*” file? If so, does the date on the file change when you update the wallpaper by selecting “Refresh Wallpaper” from the Weather Watcher Live system tray?

And if you have that “Store user files in the Weather Watcher Live program folder” box checked in Windows Vista it is not going to work, as WWL does not ask for administrative privileges, and thus has no ability to write to anything in %Program Files%

No Wallpaper

I use XP home and I looked in in both folders as suggested and neither have the wallpaper file listed in them, after restarting the program I checked for the italics temp in the taskbar, it was italics and after a few secs this changed from italic to normal, again I checked the folders, but the wallpaper file is still not appearing.


I checked my fire wall and it is open for this, the address its seeking is I can ping it ok, but when I enter the address into firefox it comes back that I am blocked - no access to the directory.

Hope that is some help

jnieurzyla, which wallpaper image(s) is/are selected in the “Wallpaper” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window?

Please post a screenshot of this section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.



I hope I managed to get the image ok, if this does not work can I send you a word doc which has the screen pasted into it?

Wow it worked I have seen it in preview.


Map display

The map on my desktop is from the older version of Weather watcher, but on your new version the apparent view is differant where its Australia being shown rather than Philippines, which is the correct screen to select? There is a selection but they all seem to be of the same view.