Vista Ultra Wallpaper not working

I cant get the wall paper to work in vista, the WW works fine on xp.

I used the same settings on both comps. but vista wont work. If I go to maps and choose antimated radar it works fine but i would like to use the wallpaper setting,
Can anyone please help me with this?? Thanks in advanced.

Active Desktop is not supported by Windows Vista. I don’t know that there is a way to display animated wallpaper images.

Try installing WW to your User folder instead of the default folder Program Files and see if that helps.

Actually, I think a re-write is in order, but with the default installation options, you can simply take change the permissions to allow your username to have full control over the folder, and it will work.

I have just verified it.

You must be logged in to an account with administrative privileges to do this.

[]Go to C:\Program Files
]Find the Weather Watcher folder
[]right click on it, select Properties
]select the Security tab.
[]Under the fist box, where you should see a list starting with CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM, etc. Click the Edit button (with the M$ Shield icon on it)
]Click on Continue to get to the permissions box.
[]Now, you’ll see the same list, click on Users ({computername}\Users)
]Underneath, in the second box, check the box under the Allow column for the Full Control row - all the boxes underneath (except perhaps Special permissions) will automatically be checked
[]click Apply, and let it change the permissions
]click OK.[/list]

Now you are in business. Of course, as Mike said, you can only use the BMP/GIF/JPG format b/c Vista doesn’t support Active Desktop.


So, Mike, would it be possible to re-write the software to automatically give users the rights to the folder, or at the very least, the application? I noticed that by default, CREATOR OWNER has nothing checked, and I was going to see if that made a difference, but from years of Linux I went ahead and gave the users permission. If you set up the installer so it would require admin privileges when run, then it would be able to fix that permission without a major re-write to store those files else where, correct?

Although, technically speaking, the re-write is the better way to do it…

It could probably be done somehow. That kinds of seems to border the line of spyware-related behavior though.

Saving those settings to the Users folder is a pretty easy thing to do. I’ve already done that in other software that I’ve written, so I can reuse that code in Weather Watcher.

If you already have the code for that then that amkes it easy lol.