Vista display

I recently installed Vista on my computer and the thermometer, barometer and wind direction/speed have all disappeared, or at least the graphics have, I just get numbers. I tried re-downloading and re-installing version 5.6.22 but it has made no difference.

Is this normal and are we waiting for a new version to fix it, or has something gone wrong here?

JavaScript is used to generate all of those interface areas. Check that JavaScript is enabled in Internet Explorer.

Hey there, im new here on the forum and i seem to be having the same problem as MikeB. If i put the splendid skin everything disappears. I have java installed and i use Firefox as my default browser if that matters. Here’s a picture of what it looks like

Tonienl, Weather Watcher uses IE to display the weather data inside of Weather Watcher. You should check your IE settings to make sure JavaScript is enabled. From looking at your screenshot, it looks like JavaScript is currently disabled.

Check out the following link for help on enabling JavaScript in IE:

Yes that sure was the case. Everything is as it is supposed to be now. Thanks very much Mike