Version 5.6.27

I got notification about Version 5.6.27, but here is no release?!

Have a look Here

Or click on the icon’s Check for New Version option multiple times. I’ve run into this also, apparently a server isn’t getting updated.

I also got a notification about version 5.6.27 (last week), and about version 5.6.28 (today) - I am currently running 5.6.26. When I hit the update now button, it takes me to the WWL update window, not the WW update window. Seems to be a disconnect…

Ken01, just to verify, are you saying that Weather Watcher is pointing you to the following URL when you choose “Yes” to download the update?

Hi Mike,

Actually, it is taking me to this site:
And when I get to this page, I see the giant “Introducing Weather Watcher Live 6.0.0” picture, with the giant “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.

(Same thing when I click on the “Check for New Version” option, when right-clicking on the tooltray temp. Takes me to the page…

Click on the “Free Software” tab at the top.

Click on the “Free Software” tab at the top.

But that’s not very intuitive. It’s confusing to many users and borders on being deceitful. The new version alerts should take you directly to the page describing the new version of the sw that you are running NOT to a different product or to a page advertizing a different (beta) product.

Whilst I agree with you Ed, I was merely guiding him in the right direction.


They have never done it this way - they usually take you right to the page for the update/download for the exact product you are trying to update. If you were a novice/average user, you might end up clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the page you were taken to (the WWL product, instead of the WW product you were trying to update). I don’t Mike intended to have it this way - I’d guess it was an oversight (but let’s wait to see what he says)

Those people using older versions of Weather Watcher will be linked to for a few reasons:

1) The old Weather Watcher download page no longer exists – due to the website redesign. When you attempt to visit a page that does not exist, you are automatically forwarded to the homepage.

2) The homepage contains information about Weather Watcher Live – a new software product that most people have not seen. This is an easy way for them to learn about the product.

Weather Watcher 5.6.27+ should be linking to the new Weather Watcher download page.


Thanks for the update Mike! I’d guess that reason # 2 from the above list is what is driving the “Check for New Version” to take me to the Home Page.

Again though, If you were a novice/average user, you might end up clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the page you were taken to (the WWL product, instead of the WW product you were trying to update). This could cause the average user to not get what they intended to get. My (very humble) opinion is that it should always take you to the WW update page, if you are in WW – or the WWL update page, if you are in WWL. If you were in WW, and went to the WW update page, the new WWL could still be advertised at the bottom half of the page (while still showing the WW update on the top half of the page). This allows for the person to go directly to the correct update page, as well as allowing for the WWL advertising at the bottom of the page (just my humble opinion of course!) :thumbright:

1 is a technical problem and understandable.

2 is a design problem that fails to address the problem introduced by 1. Until 5.6.27 is widely distributed the current homepage needs to be redesigned to accommodate the problem.

Do you really want several hundred thousand users downloading the current WWL Beta??

As far as I understand it isn’t a design problem, it’s Mike’s intentional approach to promote WWL to WW users. I totally agree with Ken01 here, it could have been done in a less obtrusive way like advertising on the actual WW update page.

Reread issue #1.

Thus the homepage needs to be designed to handle this problem.

So, how many of you downloaded and installed Weather Watcher Live thinking that it was Weather Watcher?


How many copies of WW are in use? What percentage of WW users are forum members? What was the daily download avg of WWL before the WW upgrade? How many copies of WWL got downloaded recently?

Is WW suppose to be only for the technically adept? I think not.

EdP, I was just wondering. I’m guessing you didn’t accidentally install Weather Watcher Live since you dodged the question.

:lol: No I didn’t download WWL but I was initially confused as to where to download the WW update. And I’ve been here before. :cool:

Any numbers to my questions? I’m wondering too. :razz:


EdP, well, I’m glad everything worked out for you. I’m assuming the majority were able to find the download okay.

I don’t have numbers for you, nor do I have time to tally them for the aim of proving something that doesn’t need to be proved.