V6.1.20, NOW map link does not work

Windows 7 x64 Professional, IE8, WWL 6.1.20 (Skin=Splendid2)

When I try to use the following links in the new Map Image Link (NOW>Settings), I get a blank window (red x). I’ve tried other links from the Map Manager and they do not work either.

http://sirocco.accuweather.com/sat_mosa … sarVA_.gif

http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nx_mosai … SIRUS_.gif

Also can you explain what the Map Zone Level is for, please.

I just tried both of those links and it didn’t show either map. It still showed my default one.

Map Zone level? I think you mean Map ZOOM level. It zooms in and out on the map.

siliconman01, the map zoom level only works with the default WeatherBug map. I’ll check out the above links and get back to you.

Yeah…map ZOOM…sorry…not enough coffee at the time of the post. #-o I have not figured out how the ZOOM works either. Nothing I click on seems to cause any zoom.

I can get the Intellicast URLs to work such as the one below. But I do not really like their maps.


EDIT: I figured out how the zoom works… :bounce:

It looks like WWL is adding zcode=z5640&stat=KCRW (for Charleston, WV) to the entered links. Intellicast doesn’t appear to be affected by this addition, but others error out because of it.

siliconman01, try the new “Map Image Link” setting in the following Weather Watcher Live build:

V6.1.21 works very well.

Thanks much for the prompt fix :D/

Is there a way to make the NOW map bigger? I have dual 24 inch monitors; therefore, size restrictions are not an issue with the WWL window when I open it. I would like to see the NOW map at least double the size that it currently is.

Maybe have a setting like the Map Zoom Level but for the map size itself. I only have 1 monitor but it is widescreen so a little larger map would be a nice addition.

I “think” I’ve figured out how to make a larger map in NOW. In files Skin.wwt and Skini.wwt in the Splendid2 skin folder, I changed the following lines, I changed WIDTh=“280” to WIDTH=“560” and width:280px to width:560px. The result is shown in the attached picture.


I’ll have to play with those settings as I don’t need it quite that big. Are all the maps the same proportion though?

Also, siliconman01, what map and icon set are you using in that pic?

The map is one that I added from the Accuweather site. One thing I like about this particular RADAR map is that Accuweather updates it within 15 minutes of the current time. So the display is more representative of what is happening now. They only do this on Radar maps…not radar/satellite combos.

http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nx_mosai … SIRVA_.gif

Icons are Maine Today

Thank you, siliconman01, for the info. I just added a map for my area from that site and it shows the animated one just fine. I think a setting for the actual size of the map would be a great addition. They have some nice maps there at different sizes. Here is the one I just added:

http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nx_mosai … SIRIA_.gif

Yep, as I said, I like the accuweather maps. One thing: When I open the WWL “Now” window, I run an Update. That brings the weather map up to the latest update…and should be within 15-20 minutes of the current time.

Thanks, again. I just resized the map to width=400, per your instructions. Also, what do you have set for the update frequency? I have it set to Update in Real Time but the station I use is NWS.

I also have the update frequency set to Real-time; however, quite truthfully I’m not sure what that means as far as the actual update frequency. :icon_smile:

siliconman01, different weather stations update at different intervals. If you use that setting, Weather Watcher Live will download new weather data as soon as it’s available for whichever weather station you choose.

siliconman01, different weather stations update at different intervals. If you use that setting, Weather Watcher Live will download new weather data as soon as it’s available for whichever weather station you choose.

Mike, thanks for the clarification.


How easy would it be to add a new setting for the map width on the NOW screen (width={setting})? Also, any word on my idea of the extra temp icon in the tray like the pic I showed you with the WeatherBug temp icon after the WWL icons?

I thought I would bump this in case you missed my last post.

Boofo, I’ll look into the map width idea. I have another idea in the works that’ll allow you to display weather details for any weather station directly on your desktop. I’m thinking that might be more useful than additional tray icons. You can be the judge once I have some screenshots available.