v5.5a problems


I had version 5.4c installed and working fine but today I uninstalled v5.4c and installed v5.5a and it is causing 2 problems that I can notice so far. First, during startup of the computer, as the programs are loading up, the folder C:\WINDOWS pops up open. Second, WW is not loading during startup at all, even when this feature is enabled in options. Other that these problems, it seems to work ok. This occurs at each startup, but when I use Windows Restore to restore back to v5.4c, done of the v5.5a problems occur. But when I install v5.5a again, these problems occur again. Any ideas?


WXP Pro SP2 with all current updates
1G Ram
1.8 Ghz
160G HD
Cable Modem (ISP: Charter HighSpeed)
ZoneAlarm Pro v4.5.594
McAfee online version of Virusscan with all updates.

For some reason, the Weather Watcher 5.5a installation is removing the Weather Watcher auto start key in the Windows registry. My guess is that it’s a bug in the installation program that I’m using. I’ve uploaded new installations to take care of the problem. If you’ve already installed Weather Watcher 5.5a, then just go into the ‘General’ section of the Weather Watcher Options and check/uncheck the ‘Start when Windows loads’ checkbox.