V.5.6.25 Weather Maps Not Remaining Current

I am a newbie with Weather Watcher, so please pardon if this support post has been issued before or the question is very much my stupidity.

I am running Vista Business. When I right click on the tray icon>Map History, the desired animated weather map displays okay. However, it is as much as 75 minutes out-of-date. I do have WW set to update every 5 minutes.

How do I make WW keep the weather maps current- at least to the last 15 minute interval ?

I am not viewing the maps in my default browser. The map is one selected from the available list of maps
US/Virginia [AccuWx] Radar/Satellite Animated
I have nothing selected under the WallPaper option because I do not want the map to be my Wallpaper.

Thanks in advance.

I just pulled up that map and it’s most recent image is one hr ago. But it matches the one displayed here so it is their current image. WW doesn’t create the data it merely displays what is available.

Even Weather.com’s data can be old, depending on where you live. For that reason I usually have my WW refresh rate set to match the update frequency in my area.

Yes, you are right. I think I got it figured out. I’ve added maps that are more frequently updated by AccuWeather.

Thanks much…