Updating Weather Watcher Live "Window" in the backround?

The Weather Watcher Live Window does not “refresh” until you open it up. And I do not like it this way because lets say for example I open up Wather Watcher Live in the morning and then do not open it up again until that night when you first open it up it will be displaying the weather info from that morning. Now I relize it updates automatically when the window is opened but some times the update is slow.

So what I am asking is there anyway you can make Weather Watcher Live update “Refresh” its window in the backround without having to open it first? And this way the most current weather info will be in the window as soon as you open up Weather Watcher Live.

Can this be done?


I’ll take a look and see what I can do to make that update process more seamless.

I created a kludge to get around this issue. The kludge was that I’d keep the WWL window open at all times (rather than closing/opening it each time I wanted to view it), and would hide/show the window instead. (Hiding/showing the WWL window is done using a small command line utility.) This way, WWL updates itself all the time, and it appears instantly. I have not been using WWL for awhile now, but I can give more detailed specifics to anyone who wants them.

Another option might be to select Minimize to Taskbar from the first dropdown in the General section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

I don’t mean to sound snarky, but isn’t the best approach to fix the main window behavior?

Anyway, when I select “Minimize to Taskbar”, I find I can’t minimize WWL using its taskbar button, as I can with any other application. I have to use the down-arrow button in the main window.

And now, for some reason, when I try minimizing it, it doesn’t go away. It leaves a white “window” where it was.

Yes, but it’s not an easy fix. Here are some possible fixes:

1) Purchase a faster computer so the program executes faster.

2) Hide the main window until it has been fully opened and updated. That probably wouldn’t be seen as an improvement.

3) When Weather Watcher Live is minimized, I could keep the window open (but hidden). That would increase the memory usage by about two or three times.

This is as designed.

I was unable to reproduce this issue.

Try the Weather Watcher Live build below. You should see an improvement on the main window load time.


Thanks I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that what ever you did in this last update worked!!! :slight_smile:

The main window load time is a lot faster now! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for improving this.

For me also it loads much faster now. It used to take 15 seconds or so, but now only a second or two.