Updating Problem

Hi, My Weather Watcher software has suddenly stopped updating, either automatically or manually. The refresh bar shows and progresses as if updating. My internet connection is good. I would like to sort this out as I only have a few days left on my trial. Although this seems to be a really great program, I would not want pay for a licence if this is a common problem.

Thanks for any help, Pete.

Try a different weather station. Perhaps the weather station you’re using temporarily stopped reporting. I can try it too if you let me know which weather station you’re using.

If the same thing happens with a different weather station, then try reinstalling Weather Watcher. You can download the current installer from www.WeatherWatcherLive.com.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried four different weather stations, none work. Pete.

How about reinstalling?

Did you recently change anything on your computer? Perhaps a new security application update blocked Weather Watcher from connecting to the Internet. I’m just thinking of some other possibilities since Weather Watcher itself did not recently change.

Hi and thanks for your help. I have now reinstalled Weather Watcher snd it is now working and updating as it should do. However, the part of the progran that I found most interesting, the monthly data, has disappeared. Is this file backed up anywhere?


The monthly data is stored here:


To easily get to the above location, click the “Open Skin Location” button in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Options window and go up one folder level.

Look at the file size of the “wwl.mdb” and “wwl.backup” files. If both is very small, then your monthly data is gone.

If the “wwl.backup” file is larger than the “wwl.mdb” file, then try the following to restore the backup:

1) Right-click the Weather Watcher system tray icon and choose “Exit” to shut it down.

2) Delete the “wwl.mdb” file (or rename it to " “wwl.old”).

3) Rename the “wwl.backup” file to “wwl.mdb”.

4) Start Weather Watcher.