Updates no longer working

I’ve been using WW on my XP box for years, working great! About a month ago, with version 5.6.34 installed, Updates stopped working. When I manually force an update it just shows “Downloading weather data” progress dialog with no progress and stays that way for days.

So… I got version 5.6.40 and installed it with same behavior.

So… I tried to completely uninstall, and reinstall 5.6.40 but no luck. Still no updating happens.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome, as I really miss WW.

New versions require me to update my firewall to allow them access to the 'net, did you check your’s?

I don’t have a software firewall enabled, as I’m using a hardware firewall.

I finally got it working again, by uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, and changing option to store user files in ww program folder. It looks like that last step was needed to keep ww from using some previous cached data.

It would have been nice if the FAQs for uninstalling mentioned that data is saved in the users application data folder and a complete list of what to remove to get a clean install. I ended up stumbling across it.

Thanks for the update gninfo and happy to hear you got the problem resolved.

Interesting resolution.

Yes, the newest versions of WW have the skins and other updatable data stored in the user’s Windows User Profile folder rather than the install folder. It makes it easier for multi user systems to share one copy of WW rather than each user having their own. And is effective when users use limited accounts rather than admin ones.

Since you now know where WW was storing your files when you were having the problem you could try deleting all the files in the old Windows User Profile WW folder then switch the WW option back to storing it’s files there and see if the problem reoccurs.

Maybe if you zip up all the files in the old Windows User Profile WW folder you could send them to Mike and maybe he could see what file was corrupted and causing the problem. Then again maybe he doesn’t have the time. Check with him first.

:-k Maybe the old location was on a spot on the hd that had a bad cluster. A CHKDSK run might prove interesting.

chkdsk found no bad blocks or clusters, or correctable errors.
As to the old user profile ww folder files, mine are gone already. However, another user of my computer had the same problem, but I didn’t remove the files in her windows user profile ww folder. After all the changes, ww works fine for her.