Update slow in Vista??

Has anyone notice that update is slow in Vista.

In XP when you click the update button the update window pops up and WW starts updating.

In Vista when you do same the update windows will pop right up but it might take 10 - 15 seconds for the progress bar to start up.

On Windows Vista Home Premium, the weather seems to update in the same amount of time for me. Which version of Weather Watcher do you have?

I have 5.6.20a.

I am using Vista Ultimate.

Did you try rebooting and/or restarting Weather Watcher?

I had not tried rebooting. Just did no help.

I had restarted WW however.

I am using Vista firewall until I find another compatible with Vista.

I am using Vista Firewall control for this and have allowed WW in and outgoing traffic.

http://www.sphinx-soft.com/Vista/order. … allControl

What happens if you disable your firewall? Any difference then?

The firewall is off and makes no difference.

I’m not sure what else to ask you to try :neutral: I’m wondering if there is anything else sitting between Weather Watcher and your Internet connection.

As far as I can tell there is nothing. All other applications seem to be working fine without delay.

I am not sure what else to try either. If no one else is having the problem then perhaps it is just something on my system. What? Have no idea.

What message do you see in the status window while you’re waiting for the progress bar to start up?

If you are talking about the small update window then is just says

Downloading Weather date then progress bar starts and get the first section covered it say Parsing weather data.

Yes… that window :icon_smile: I’m interested in the message you see when the progress bar pauses for 10-15 seconds (as you described in your first post).

Ok. Just like I said there only I missed the message in between those two which says Processing weather data.

To answer my question, does the progress bar pause for 10-15 seconds on the “Downloading Weather Data…” message?


Weather Watcher 5.6.18 uses a different data downloader. Do you mind installing it to see how it runs?


sqd, in reference to your post in the other thread, it seems the new data downloader isn’t causing the issue. I’m not sure where else to tell you to look :sad:

ok. If I notice anything else I will report back here.


Just to let you know that the latest version Weather Watcher 5.6.21 has fixed this problem with Vista Ultimate.

The update now works as expected. :iconbiggrin:

Thanks very much!

Great news :thumbright: