Unusual display

Hi, Just started Weather Watcher Live this morning and I was presented with this graphic.


Any suggestion to why this happened please.


The window is too small to display the content. You can do one of two things:

1) Left-click and drag the arrow in the bottom, right corner to resize that window.

2) Click “SETTINGS” at the bottom right of that window and hide the Bar Grpahs.

Thanks for the reply. I had to reinstall the program due to another problem with my PC and nothing to do with your program, it’s now working OK. However the map image is not displayed correctly see screen shot below.

I have re-sized the program window and updated the data manually but it still displays the same.


The default map image is the Weather Underground satellite image. It looks like it was pretty cloudy in your screenshot – or the map might have been zoomed in. Here are a few sugestions:

1) Click “SETTINGS” at the bottom, right of the main Weather Watcher Live window, and set the “Map Zoom Level” to a higher number (e.g. 4).

2) Find a different map image on your favorite weather website and enter the image link in the “Map Image Link” box in the same settings area. You’ll see your new map image after clicking the “UPDATE” button to refresh the main window. FYI, the “Map Zoom Level” is not used when using a custom map image link.

Hi, Mike, thanks for that advice it solved the problem. =D>