uninstaller... doesn't uninstall !!!

Hello people,

It seems there’s a trouble with uninstaller…
It search folder ‘Skins_New’ (Like 1st install.) instead ‘Skins’ in the ‘unins000.dat’

That’s all…
Thx for this free and so famous software

PS:excuse my poor english, i’m a french user :oops:

The uninstaller worked okay for me :dontknow:

Do you receive any error messages?

Hello Mike,

Strange thing, isn’t it !!! :shock:
I’ve tried again with the 5.6.9 (previous post with 5.6.8) and have the same issue.
When opening the unins000.dat with notepad, i only can see folder ‘Skins_New’ in all paths to remove, i.e (sheet of code):

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New?? 6 4C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts?? > <C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts\Classic?? K FC:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts\Classic\Alert.wtp ?? N IC:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts\Classic\Current.html ?? M HC:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts\Classic\Current.wtp ?? R MC:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins_New\Forecasts\Classic\CurrentAlert.wtp ?? L GC:\Program

I don’t dream it :lol:
That doesn’t work cause you rename ‘Skins_New’ in ‘Skins’ at the first use

But, it’s not really important cause i don’t want (never) to remove WW
It was just a question (of an old programmer) and to make the soft greater (even in remove!!!)

Best regards, Fred

Ah, I see what you’re saying now. The uninstaller should still work regardless of the “Skins_New” mention in the .DAT file.

=D> Yesssssssss !!!
The uninstall script generated by Inno Setup is based on the install script (so Skins_New)
You’ll have to modify the uninstall script with hand (as we say in french ‘? la main’ :wink: ) to correct this : replace ‘Skins_New’ by ‘Skins’ or add lignes with ‘Skins’ to complete the actual script, but bigger…

Thx for you availability and great work