unexpected file download box

I am using 5.6.6 and suddenly everytime I try to open Weather Watcher main screen I get an unexpected file download box appear asking if i wish to open of save this file. Name: Current.html Type: Unknown File Type, 74.1 KB From: D:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecast… (can’t see the rest)

Why has this started to occur ??? HELP please ![:(]

It sounds like something happened to your Windows Registered file type associations. Make sure that HTM and HTML extentions are associated with HTML Document.

If they are not associated with Internet Explorer that could be the problem. Do you have some other browser set as your default browser?

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Yes I do - Firefox ----- is there a problem with that ?/ Seems to be OK on other systems


Is that what html and htm files are associated with?

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Yes – but i have another 2 computers with the same association and they are working fine. I have just discovered that several things have stopped working as well. Part of a Norton Anti-virus display, even part of system restore (the calendar)and Internet explorer itself.

What is going on ??

I suspect you have picked up some type of spyware/adware/malware/scumware. If you are running XP download and install MS’s Defender, update it and run it.

I also recommend doing the same with Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy and then installing SpywareBlaster. Keep all three updated every two weeks and run once a month or sooner if you feel you’ve been infected.

Other possibilities include corrupt file system; running CHKDSK /R from the Start>Run box will address that, corrupt system files; if CHKDSK /R doesn’t resolve it do a Repair reinstall of Windows, hard drive going bad; backup all your files ASAP.

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