Understanding High and Low temperatures

I run my own weather station and this is picked up by Weather Watcher Live. I am still not clear how the high low temperature works shown by the day - top left.

My station data seems to show up in the ‘currently’ weather details (top left), then below that shows the days forecast - with a high/ low temperature.

The charts further down show the max and min from my station with current temperature. The forecast temperature seems to change all the time and in the latter part of the day shows yet another forecast temperature - is this showing max/min forecast for the evening/overnight?

Yesterday as an example - the forecast showed a max of 13.8 (the actual was 16C)

In the evening it showed max 8.2/ min 3.5 - while the current temperature was 12C?

The actual minimum over night was 9C.

Sorry very new to weather watcher live but not 100% clear on how the forecast temp is working.

Great software - thanks

My weather data is at http://www.weatherlive.org.uk

In general, daily and hourly forecasts show temperatures that have been predicted for the day, week, etc. I’ve never found a location (from any provider) that showed forecast temperatures that were 100% correct. The forecasts are spread over a large area. Depending on where each weather station is located in that area, some will record temperatures that are closer to the forecast than others.

I’m not sure if you’re submitting your data to WeatherBug or Weather Underground. That is where Weather Watcher Live is getting the forecast from though.

Thanks Mike - I send my data to Wunderground. So I guess in the evening the high and low on weather watcher live is indicating the range of expected temperatures across the night period.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Best wishes


Just to ensure we’re talking about the same thing, are you referring to the min and max that is displayed in the “Temperature” bar graph in the “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window? If so, those values should always be showing the min and max for the current day. The high and low in the top, left of that same section of the main window are forecasted temperatures.