Unable to retrieve forecasts!

</font id=“Comic Sans MS”>I have had trouble receiving updates on the Weather Watcher program… it keeps saying “Error-- server not found” for the past 2 days. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

cmharmon…getting the same problem you are experiencing, haven’t had a successful ‘server download/connection’ since last Wed.[4th.], maybe someone is on Holidays ???

[:0] I haven’t been able to retrieve forcasts either since Wednesday. I actually have Wednesday’s forcast pop up everytime I try to update the weather. Wonder what is going on??? [?]

A lot of people are experiencing this problem after install a Weather Watcher/firewall updated. Have you checked your firewall settings. Make sure “C:\Protgram Files\Weather Watcher\DL.EXE” has been given Internet access. A lot of firewalls make you reset that access after installing updates.

Have disabled the firewall [Zone Alarm] and still no success in downloading weather updates, etc. …??..Doug.

Same here with Kerio firewall. AS far as I can tell it’s not the problem.

I have an ASCII-formatted IP trace of a failed Weather Watcher connection attempt. If that would assist troubleshooting, I’d be glad to mail it.

[:(] I haven’t downloaded any software updates lately for Weather Watcher, and have it already approved in my Norton. I am still unable to retrieve forcast updates… it just keeps on saying “Error-- Server not found!” I even tried to uninstall and then reinstall the program, with still no luck. It’s killing me that it’s not working! Help!!! [^]

Hi Mike,
I also have problems with downloading weatherdata on the system with XP Pro (“Error-- server not found”)The system with W2K works ok.
The wallpaper option works on the XP Pro and W2K system.
Both systems are behind a D-link router/firewall.

Almere Holland

I have been experiencing this problem as well. Based on thoughts derived from messages in this forum I have found the solution (well, for me anyway).

It would appear that Weather.com has changed the encoding method their web server uses or Windows has changed the way the encoding is handled. I run a program Proxomitron that filters HTML, and, among other things, stops popups. Well seems that Proxomitron does not support whatever encoding scheme Weather.com is using (at least under WinXP. It still works fine under Win2000).

If I go into Proxomitron’s settings (under Header Filters) and clear the “Out” checkbox on “Accept-encoding: Allow webpage encoding” setting, Weather Watcher works fine. As I toggle that setting Weather Watcher will succeed/fail accordingly.


i am experiencing the same problems as Travis mentioned, and also retrieve updates by the same method.


[:D] The ‘Weather Watcher Fix’ on the home page worked for me. Thanks, Mike! [:D]


The fix on the home page worked for me too - thanks, Mike!

Hey. I have been unable to retrieve a weather watcher forcast for about a week now. I uninstalled it and downloaded the 5.5b version and it still doesnt work. I also dont have IE, I use Firefox, so I am unable to read some of your help tips. What should I do now??

Try the following:

  1. Are you using a firewall? If so, make sure it is giving Internet access
    to “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\DL.EXE”.

  2. Are you using an authenticated proxy server? If so, set your
    username/password in the “Proxy” section of the Weather Watcher Options.

(Due to some changes in Windows SP2, the following might fix the problem)

  1. Try running the following IE fix:
I also dont have IE, I use Firefox, so I am unable to read some of your help tips. What should I do now??
If you're running Windows, you have IE. Whether you choose to use it or not.

I use Netscape, which is a kissing cousin of Firefox and have no problem reading this forum. I’m assuming that that is what you are referring to when you say “help tips”. (The Help associated with the download of WW is a text file which opens with Notepad.) Whatever is preventing you from reading the “help tips” may be what’s causing your WW update problem.

However, as Mike noted, a firewall blocking access to the 'net of DL.EXE is a prime cause of updates failing. What firewall are you using?


Ok. I use to have IE, but since my school put some new software on my computer, it stopped working (my computer says that IE is running, but the browser doesnt open)…that’s why I use Firefox now. As for firewalls, I have both ZoneAlarm and McAfee (I have two because my school requires me to have McAfee, but I dont like it so I use the other, too). But the thing is, weather watcher was working just fine and I hadnt changed anything, it just stopped working one day…so I dont think that my firewalls are the problem.

So, what changed on your computer since Weather Watcher stopped working? Did you recently install the Windows SP2 update?

Nothing’s changed on my computer as far as I know, it just stopped working, but everything else on my computer is fine. I’m thinking there’s just something wrong with my computer, so I don’t think I’m gonna be able to fix it (which is unfortunate because it is such a great program!). Thanks for trying to help anyway!

What do you see in the status window when you attempt to retrieve the weather? Server Not Found?