Unable to execute

All of a sudden, my local wx station is “unavailable”. Cannot execute the program to change the option to another station. Really do not want to do a uninstall/reinstall because I have some icons/skins that I’ve forgotten how to install. Is there an easy fix for this one? Appears to have started on 12/29 with the installation of version 7.0.41. Any replies are appreciated.

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which weather station are you using?

2) What happens when you try to execute the program?

You could try installing Weather Watcher Live again over top of your existing install. You won’t lose your icons if you don’t uninstall first.

Hi Mike, the station that I had been using in Mobile WAS “Springhill”. If I try to execute, nothing happens. Hourglass tries, but then just stops. Will try to install over the top and see what happens. Will post back.

EDIT: Dl’d and installed over the top of existing version. TA-DAH! Springhill is back and all is well. Thanks!