unable to add stations

Aloha All,

i’m hoping someone can help me -

I have been trying to add a station by searching for either zip code or by city name and am not having any success…

i type in my zip (50327) and it says at the bottom - searching for available weather stations

and nothing ever comes up…

i have no firewall on my computer that should block traffic

i’ve even tried searching using multiple city names and still nothing…

anyone have any thoughts??


doc debolt, what happens if you use the “Add Code” button to add the zip code? After adding the zip code and updating the weather, I’m thinking you’re going to see the “Server not found” error message. If that’s the case, a security-related application is most likely blocking Weather Watcher Live from accessing the Internet.

If needed, the following thread discusses the “Server not found” error message:


could not find the add code button on WWL …only have add station -

tried using city name, zip code and city code, after entering anything into the search box - i hear a ding and it just sits there at the bottom - searching for available locations…

using vista 32 home edition - no firewalls or uac running - nothing that should clamp or stop it from hitting weather.com - able to hit that from IE and firefox

tried the items in the server not found thread - still a no go

any other thoughts??


My apologies – that feature is only available in Weather Watcher.

Weather Watcher Live uses WeatherBug as a data source. Are you able to access http://www.WeatherBug.com in IE?