I noticed that in WWL 7.2.84 that the TWC radar URL is not in the map list (although it is in the menu under maps). I also noticed about 3 months ago that TWC changed the URL for their radar and I am wondering if it is now only accessible behind a paid API. If that is the case then I can understand you not putting it in the map list. If that’s not the case, then could you please post the URL in a reply here.

TWC removed that map from their website. I’m not sure if they intend to ever allow it to be used again. Weather Watcher loads that Flash map from a local file on your computer, so it’s not accessible outside of your local environment.

can you elaborate on " local file on your compute" is it a file in WWL? and I also don’t get “so it’s not accessible outside of your local environment”. Can you explain further

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